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Annual Report

It is the time of the year to reflect on the school year. Here is the Lawrence High School Annual Report, 2009-2010 Go to - Martha Oldham, Lawrence, Kansas

Here is the 2006-2007 Annual Report from Burlington Township High School in Burlington, NJ

-- Nina Franco, BTHS Library

Birthday Book Club

These are documents I created for use with my Birthday Book Club. This is my first year doing a Birthday Book Club so this is a "work in progress." Please feel free to modify to meet the needs of your school and if you create something better don't forget to share it with us here!
Virginia Crutchfield 8.29.08

Dewey Decimal Scavenger Hunt

I have my fourth grade students do a scavenger hunt after studying the DDC. Each pair of students selects a card which gives a task to be completed by finding a book/books about the subject. The students have a copy of my Dewey Decimal for Kids to refer to. When they find the book(s), they raise their hand. I check off their success, and they select another task. The Word documents for the tasks and the Word version of my Dewey Decimal for kids are here: and here:

Flexible Access Weekly Calendar

This is a Microsoft Word document that I created for use as my lessonplan book with flexible scheduling. I'm just starting flexible scheduling so this is a "work in progress." Please feel free to modify to meet the needs of your school and if you create a better calendar don't forget to share it with us here! flex schedule calendar.doc Virginia Crutchfield 1.22.08

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Newbery Winner read-aloud map

This is a JPEG I created of the medieval map located in the front of the book. Print it out on 8X14 paper in color. When I read aloud to the students, I give them the map to follow along with who the characters are and where they are located. I received permission from the illustrator to use and share his illustrations as teaching aids, as long as they are not published or printed in any form for profit or monetary gain. Please abide by his wishes. medieval_manor.jpg

How My Life Has Changed

(Joyce Valenza): I created this chart to help me consider where my program and my practice is going and how I can best lead change.

Resource form:
(Jeni Sloan) I use this form with fellow teachers who need resources from the library. I find it helps with communication between me and the rest of the staff.

Research Pre-assessment for 9th Graders

Here are 2 preassements:
  1. library preassess quiz.doc - Designed by Maury Brown (general high school)
  2. ARE YOU A SAVVY RESEARCHER.doc- Adapted from the above file by Jacquie Henry (designed for 9th grade authors project) Thanks for your help Maury!

Retire / Replacement Questions you might want answers to

(Melissa Davis) Here is a list I collected from LM_NET colleagues on questions your replacement really need answers for. It was written for the retiring/leaving librarian, but the incoming librarian could certainly use it to get an idea what to ask about. It was written in MS Office Word 2003.

Web 2.0 Meets Information Fluency

(Joyce Valenza): This article links some of the exciting new tools to traditional and critical strategies for effective use of information.

Weeding Procedures

I thought LM_NETTERS would like to use the weeding procedure that I use every June. The first page is based on my own particular situation. You might find it useful. The second page should be useful for most people. Feel free to adapt it so it works for you. Jacquie Henry

Where to Find Lost Books brochure

(Melissa Davis) I combined all the various entries that have been posted to LM_NET over the last several years into one brochure, created in Publisher 2003. I am including the Publisher file which you can edit for your own school and a PDF version for those who do not have access to Publisher. I don't think you will be able to edit the PDF version.