Telephone questions:
1. How do you serve a clientele who have wildly varying world views? For instance, gay
2. How do you balance discipline while maintaining a friendly and welcoming library?
3. What are you reading right now?
4. What do you do when you’re done with your work at your job? (imagine you’re already @ a
high school)

In person interview questions:
1. Please discuss your interest in this position.

2. Scenario: A teacher comes into the LRC with her class to work on a project. There are already two
classes working in the LRC; however, you realize that, you were distracted earlier in the week and
as a result, you neglected to sign this teacher up on the schedule that is waiting for a place to put her
class. What do you do?

3. Tell us what you know about video editing.

4. Scenario: A student who is frequently disruptive in the LRC is working quietly on a project for a
class. You notice that he has his iPod on, while school rules say no iPods, what do you do?

5. Prioritize the following tasks:
a. Book order
b. Displays
c. Shelving books
d. Running overdues
e. Letters home
f. A parent phone call

6. What is the role of technology in today’s libraries?

7. Which databases do you use regularly?

8. Do you know how to do a mail merge? If not, describe the steps you take when learning new

9. Explain how to save a document to a usb drive.

10. Besides being friendly, what recommendations do you have for making a library more welcoming
or engaging?

1) What do you feel is the role of a school library?
2) Tell us a little about yourself. What is in your background
that makes you qualified for this position?

3) Could you share with us your experience with school libraries?
4) What interests you about this position? Why do you want this
5) What is your experience with technology? Would you consider
yourself proficient, average, or needing improvement in the use of
technology? Please elaborate and discuss the software programs that you
use comfortably.

6) Do you see disciplining students as a part of this job?
7) Flexibility is important in this position. What hours are you
willing to work? We are open from 7 AM - 4:30 PM, the last person to
hold the position worked primarily afternoons, would that work with your
current schedule?

8) Which of these descriptions applies to you:
a. Things are definitely black or white.
b. Things sometimes are in the gray areas between black or white.

9) Are you a detail-oriented kind of person?
10) What do you like about working with teenagers?
11) Tell us what a good day at the library would be like?