Ideas for Advocacy and Leadership

Posted to this site: October 2012:
Hello, my name is Angela. I am a special ed teacher in a ALUnit (3rd-5th grade) in Los Fresnos, Texas. I really enjoy my job I have never felt so lucky and loved surrounded by all my special students. I'm also currently enrolled at SHSU in the Masters Library Science program; in my second semester. My future goal is to become a librarian for our children of today. Library's are more then just books full of adventure and imagination, it's a place of opportunities and community. I strive to become a good librarian.

Any words of encouragement or advice is absolutely welcomed. I would appreciate any information that would help me achieve my goal.

At this time my next project due is 'Advocacy & Leadership - Networking in your Area'. I will be developing a plan to advocate the school library program and put it into action. I have to provide documentation of my effort which demonstrates the stakeholders active participation in the school library program. It could be more the one activity.
I will be acquainting myself with key colleagues and school/district/community leaders who support (or SHOULD support) the school library program at my school. I can would like to make great strides by communicating with these individuals and involving them in library programming events, online activities, etc., to positively impact student academic achievement.
Since I am new to this, I would appreciate any ideas how I can start this project for my LSSL class. Thank you in advance for your time