There are very few young people who do not escape the experience of being in school, the institution of education, grades, homeroom, graduation (hopefully), etc. Sometimes dramas take place within the school setting that rarely intersect with teachers or administrators. Other times teachers and staff may play a vital role in the decision making process that impacts a student's life. How does the institution of school and the staff deal with all the trials and tribulations of childhood through adolescence? Find out with this list of titles.
Anderson, Laurie Halse Catalyst
Laurie Halse Prom
Laurie Halse Twisted
Laurie Halse Speak
Avi. Nothing But the Truth
Jay Thirteen Reasons Why
Bennett, Cheri A Heart Divided
Bickham, Jack. All the Days Were Summer
Cormier, Robert. The Chocolate War.
Crutcher, Chris. Ironman
Crutcher, Chris. Running Loose
Crutcher, Chris. Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
Cushman, Karen. The Loud Silence of Francine Green
Crutcher, Chris Whale Talk,
Sarah Just Listen
Deuker, Carl. Painting the Black
Duncan, Lois. Killing Mr. Griffin
Draper, Sharon Romiette and Julio,
Draper, Sharon Tears of the Tiger,
Draper, Sharon The Battle of Jericho by
Fredericks, Mariah Crunch Time b
Fredericks, Mariah. The True Meaning of Cleavage
Fredericks, Moriah Crunch Time
Giles, Gail Shattering Glass ,
Grimes, Nikki. Bronx Masquerade
Margaret Peterson Don't You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunfrey by
Halpin How Ya Like Me Now by
Hentoff, Nat. In the Country of Ourselves
Hentoff, Natt. The Day They Came to Arrest the Book
Hentoff, Natt. This School Is Driving Me Crazy
Hinton, S. E. Taming the Star Runner
Hunter, Mollie. A Sound of Chariots
Hoffman, Alice. At Risk
Kerr, M. E. Fell Back
Kerr, M. E. The Son of Someone Famous
Knowles, John. A Separate Peace
Koja, Kathe. Buddha Boy
Lipsyte, Robert. Raider's Night
Lubar , David Sleeping Freshmen never Lie
Mazer, Harry. The Dollar Man
Mazer, Norma Fox. Out of Control
McDaniel, Lulene. The Girl Death Left Behind
Moore, Martha. Under the Mermaid Angel
Myers, Walter Dean. Slam!
Moriarty, Jacyln The Murder of Bindy MacKenzie by
Joyce Carol Big Mouth and Ugly Girl
Paulsen, Gary. The Glass Café or the Stripper and the State
Philbrik, Rodman. Freak the Mighty
Peters, Julie Ann Define Normal by
After by
Randle, Kristen D. Breaking Rank
Rhue, Morton. The Wave
Rothfuss, Patrick. The name of the wind
School Daze
Shusterman, Neal The Shadow Club by
Alan Lawrence Hip-Hop High School
Spinelli, Jerry. Loser
Sterling, Shirley. My Name is Seepeetza
Strasser, Todd. Angel Dust Blues
Surviving High School -- Or Not".
Tolan, Stephanie. Plague Year
Wersba, Barbara. Tunes for a Small Harmonica
Wolfe, Virginia Ewer True Believer by
Woods. Brenda Emako Blue by
York, Alan. Rats Saw God
Zindel, Paul. A Begonia for Miss Applebaum

Zindel, Paul. Harry and Hortense at Hormone High