Hello everyone,

after a decade or so of hosting Librarianship101 on several different free group and discussion services, I think I've found the most appropriate spot for our new home.

If you're here now, you probably know the new home by now... (grin)

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The plan:

1 - establish this page for links and such (currently hosted on the LM_NET Archives page but not updated since 2004); 2 - verify the links from the Archives as they are duplicated here; 3 - establish a discussion group for this topic as a spot where student librarians, new librarians, and veteran librarians who enjoy mentoring other librarians and don't mind hearing the same questions over and over and over and over again ... (grin) Those repetitive questions are a bit pesky no doubt, but much like the questions we field every year in our libraries, they don't come from the same person or the same student.

I will attend to 1 and 2 only without objection from Melissa Davis who appears to be the compiler and owner of that original list on LM_NET... and with her cooperation if she'd like to rehash the old calculations once again... (grin)


with assistance from any other librarians who might want to join in. . . this wiki concept should make it easier to build a list and keep it current, since no one of us is as good at this sort of thing than all of us. . . (grin)

Let's begin at the beginning (as an example if others want to pitch in and help duplicate the original list):



Date Contributed


Countdown to D-Day and beyond

Alice Yucht

3 JUN 2002

Most excellent 4-section timeline email message of recommended librarian tasks for the first two months in a new library.

Ten Graces

GraceAnne DeCandido

19 MAY 2003

Great advice for new librarians from the LadyHawk herself as a speaker at graduation ... most excellent.

Time Management

Jan Hylen

26 JUL 2001

A fairly comprehensive number of suggestions through about a dozen or so emails.

Survival Techniques

Amy Irwin

9 JUL 2001

A short list of email responses and website links.

Listservs for New Librarians

Terrie Hinojosa

8 MAY 2001

An email containing a short list of sites; Librarianship101 included, which is now here on LM_NET.

TARGET: Advice for Newbies - archived posts

Tracy Hoffmann

24 JUL 2000

Remember that the links on this page have the 'old' ericir.syr.edu addresses. You will need to search the new archives to locate the new location.

HIT: Survival-1-Before you begin

Joy Hendrickson
03 JUN 1999

Survival 2 appears missing in action

HIT: Survival-3-During the 1st year

Joy Hendrickson
03 JUN 1999

HIT: Survival-4-After the 1st year
Joy Hendrickson
03 JUN 1999

HIT: Survival-5-Words of Wisdom

Joy Hendrickson
03 JUN 1999

HIT: Advice for "newbies"
Roberta J. Ponis
30 JUN 1997

Beginning Media Specialist Survival Guide
Miriam Boots
04 JUN 1997

Robyn E Litwack
22 MAY 1997

HIT> LMC Guidebooks for new librarians
Sue Weiss
21 AUG 95

HIT: Retirement To Do #1
HIT: Retirement To Do #2
HIT: Retirement To Do #3
Claudia Mahlman
01 APR 1999
While the these 3 do not appear to be specifically relevant to a new librarian,
it is an extensive list of what information a new librarian might look for when s/he gets to a new library.


Y's Guide to New Library/School Job Preparation by Alice Yucht (no longer valid - site is still there; just not this specific link)

Information for New and "About to Be" School Library Media Specialists from University of South Carolina

School of Library and Information Science (short bibliography and list of additional website)

Support for Librarians from Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (same link as above - University of South Carolina)

Getting Started section of LISJobs.com's "Library Careers - Advice, Statistics, Salaries, and Articles" (specific link is dead; http://www.lisjobs.com/ still exists)

Library Media Specialist Mentor's Guide from Atlanta Public Schools (dead link - a short search was unsuccessful)

Management Strategies for Librarians on Gloucester County Librarians Workshop The Best of the Web for Librarians from Washington Township, NJ

Joyce Valenza

GraceAnne A. DeCandido

A wiki of her own

A website of her own

A NingThing of her own

A huge Rutgers classroom of her own

A few video presentations of her own

An Open Library page of her own

Once the original list is duplicated and verified, we can invite everyone to add their own favorite Librarianship101 helpful tips and techniques.

Remember: it is a wiki - if you have any other notions or ideas for the structure or content here, please feel free to alter it;

we'll let the editorial board of all of us together strike the proper tone and grammatical approach, agreed?

Until that time. . . Earl J.