My request for samples of library brochures, I received many sample library brochures (and permission from the senders to include them here on the Wiki). I received about as many requests for a hit as I did brochures, and so, finally, here they are. Please note that these files are in a WIDE variety of formats--some are in Word, some in Publisher, some PDF. If you sent a file to me and it does not appear here, I was unable to get it to load due to size or other technical difficulties (and in some cases, the technical difficulties are simply that I couldn't figure out how to get it to work!!!) If a file won't open, be sure to look at the file type (for example, .pdf, .doc, .pub). A .pdf file needs Adobe Acrobat (free download available, just Google it). A .pub file apparently requires that you have Publisher. A .doc file appears to work on all the versions of Word that I have tried them on and may work on other programs as well, but I don't know that for sure.

Thanks again to everyone who responded.



Student/teacher brochure (Redwood High School, pdf format)

Parent/visitor brochure (Redwood High School, pdf format)

Hamilton High Library Brochure.pdf (Michelle Walker Aug, 2008)

from M Jensen Trillium Woods ES Barrie