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Nonfiction Text Structure
Michael Stencil, Sr. has an excellent article "Identifying Nonfiction Text Structure" in the March, 2011 issue of School Library Monthly.
Stencil, M. (2011, March). Identifying Nonfiction Text Structure. School Library Monthly, 27(6), 13-15.
To get a copy of the article in .pdf format, see: Identifying Nonfiction Text Structure
This .pdf does include the complete article, so please replace the original article .pdf with this complete one.

Because I know that some of you would like to use this lesson in your libraries I have taken the "Added Material" that should have appeared as page 15
in the article .pdf, and reformatted it from HTML. See the forms referred to in the article at Stencil-Identifying Nonfiction Text Structure-Added-Material-p. 15