PowerPoints and Other Presentations

Please share your favorite presentations here, PowerPoint or otherwise!

Book Repair
Here is a link to the PowerPoint I created on basic book repair techniques that can be done with a minimum of tools/equipment. I need to revise the slides, but until I do so, in answer to some questions I've received: PVA is Polyvinyl Acetate, AKA book-repair glue. While Elmer's is technically a PVA, it is not recommended for book repair due to higher water content and acidity level. Book Repair PowerPoint --Ronda Y. Foust

A Forest of Theme Blogs (containing videos and PowerPoints)
Here you'll find lots of videos and PowerPoints gleaned from the web which are related to libraries and information literacy ... plus also other themes related to teaching and learning. (this collection is growing .. as you would expect from a Forest of course)

Free, High Quality Online Reference Via CLRN
Here is another PowerPoint that I used with a presentation that I gave this past weekend at the 2007 CSLA Annual Conference: Free “Reference Books” Online: High Quality Reference and Information Sources On the Web. In the presentation I point out how, at the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN), you can find free, high quality online reference resources that have been screened and selected by teacher librarians and classroom teachers. 99.5% of them are without any advertising whatsoever. Warning: This PPT is large (40MB). Peter Milbury. 11-19-07

On Evaluation
Here's a PowerPoint on Evaluation I use with the 8th grade (Joyce Valenza)

On Plagiarism
Here's a presentation I have used with teachers and students about academic integrity.

On Cyber Choices
Here are my lesson plan and PowerPoint that I use when I teach CyberSafety (Karen Hornberger):

On Thesis
Here's a PowerPoint that I created on basic thesis construction (Karen Hornberger)
Here's the lesson plan:

A Powerpoint About Effectively Using LM_NET via the LM_NET Archives and EL-Announce With LM_NET Select
This is a PowerPoint presentation that I created and used during my concurrent session at the 2007 CSLA Annual Conference: Getting "Lucky" With LM_NET: Tapping the Power of LM_NET and Listservers. I use the PowerPoint to tell the story of the "Power of Lucky" brouhaha that ensued from an LM_NET Target/Hit in February 2007, and which captivated the attention of the national media, in order to demonstrate how powerful of an effect a few postings on LM_NET had, and then include tips for effective use of LM_NET, the LM_NET Archives, as well as EL-Announce With LM_NET Select. Peter Milbury. 11-18-07.

Staff Presentation on Using the OPAC
This is a PowerPoint presenatation that I used during a staff development on How to Use the OPAC. The presentation is based on Follett's Circulation Plus System. I printed out the PowerPoint as a handout (3 slides to a page) for my staff. The "notes" document contains 2 sections that I cut & paste (the old-fashioned way) onto the handout next to slides 2 & 21. This information was compiled thanks to resources shared by the individuals listed on the last slide. Please feel free to modify the presentation as needed to meet the needs of your school while being respectful of their efforts and mine. OPAC Staff Presentation.ppt OPAC Staff presentation notes.pub Virginia Crutchfield 12-10-07

California Young Reader Medal Nominee Video 2007-2008
A fabulous school librarian has made an introduction to the CYRM nominated books. I showed this to my students this year. I couldn't keep the books on the shelf!