Treasure Bottles
Last spring there was a thread on LM_NET concerning fun/interesting items at the circulation desk.
One idea is to create a Treasure Bottle using a water bottle filled with bird seed or rice and 12 - 18
small items. The lid is glued on. Then students can attempt to find all of the items in the bottle.
These bottles would be at the circulation desk where students waiting in line could look at the bottles.
Here is a link to one set of directions.Treasure Bottles
For some pictures check out Library Mom Blog August 12 post.

Some ideas that have been posted on LM_NET in followup;
  • use aquarium sand rather than bird seet or rice
  • color the rice teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, a few drops of food colouring and then leave on a
  • baking tray for several hours to dry.
  • use small items from Barbie Doll sets
  • visit hobby store such as Michels or Hobby Lobby for small items
  • beads, carved buttons, doll house items
  • create theme bottles around Dewey classification groups

Please share your ideas.